Breastfeeding should not be synonymous with sacrificing style for comfort. Milk it unites the useful with the pleasant

Our shirts have discreet zipper openings on both sides, allowing you to wear them like your favorite clothing and only open them to access your boobies.


Our clothes are made from A to Z in an eco-responsible, ethical and family atelier in Asia. All our seams are reinforced, because we know that you can open and close your Milk it more than 20 times in the same day.

We work with our suppliers, workers, unions and international organizations to develop a supply chain in which human rights are respected and promoted, contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Our tribe is aware that we must be sensitive to the world around us. Helping others is lived in a thousand different ways. We decided to shake hands throughout the first year of Milk it's existence with the VIFAC association. VIFAC is an association that is in charge of supporting, caring for and training pregnant women in vulnerable situations.